Fun Facts

The Marine Biome contains many animals, plants, protists and bacteria. Very little fungi is found. Most fungi is found along the shorline.

The animals found in this biome include invertebrates and vertebrates. Invertebrates are animals with no backbone, such as the hydra. Vertebrates are animals with backbones like the whales. Echinoderms are also found in the Marine Biomes.

Artropods are another type of invertebrate. They are called Crustacea.

This is a hydra.

The Marine invertebrates include starfish, sponges, jelly fish, and more.
Blue Vase Sponge.

Vertebrates include whales, fish, and seahorses.

This is a marine iguana eating some aleg.

Polution hurts a lot of the Marine animals. A number of plants and animals do not live because of polution such as the red tide.

The Marine Biome has maine 3 vertical zones.They are the (from shallow to deep) eyphotic, disphotic, and the aphotic layers. The top is warm, and the bottom is very cold.

Weather doesn't effect the Marine Biome as much as other places because it is the one affecting everthing else.

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